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running critical the silent war rickover and general running critical the silent war rickover and general dynamics patrick tyler on amazon. free shipping on qualifying offers. based on diaries tape recordings confntial documents and exclusive interviews this expose illustrates fundamental weaknesses in thefense industry by chronicling the scandalousalings between the u.s. navy and general dynamics running critical the silent war rickover and general it was a monumental showdown takis veliotis the ruthless ambitious manager brought in to save the electrtic boat division of general dynamics the prime supplier of submarines to the navy and admiral hyman rickover the brilliantmanding perfectionist who helped create those submarines. general dynamics electric boat wikipedia general dynamics electric boat gdeb is a subsidiary of general dynamics corporation. it has been the primary buir of submarines for the united states navy for more than 100 years. thepanys main facilities are a shipyard in groton connecticut a hullfabrication and outfitting facility in quonset point rh island and asign and engineering facility in new london connecticut hyman g. rickover wikipedia hyman g. rickover january 27 1900 july 8 1986 was an admiral in the u.s. navy.he directed the originalvelopment of naval nuclear propulsion and controlled its operations for threecs as director of naval reactors.in addition he oversaw thevelopment of the shippingport atomic power station the worlds firstmercial pressurized water reactor used for generating electricity.

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